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Replaces the SR3085L TS came a new and more productive version SR3085 Superior. ZAO "AgroTechMash" offers its customers an enhanced version of the Finnish flagship combine harvester. Even more powerful, more reliable. Our experts have done a huge amount of work on modernization of the combine - from the header to the rear of the hood. We pay great attention to the needs of our clients, these wishes to embody modernized harvesters. Numerous innovations present in the SR3085 Superior, you can optionally set the harvester SR3065.


Cab  3000th series designed to meet the harvester operator in heavy duty conditions. The form - is a fusion of modern design trends. The spacious and comfortable cabin has excellent ergonomics. A large range of settings of the seat and the steering column, the correct location of the dashboard, as well as the presence of a multifunctional control lever - all this makes the operator's job enjoyable. A large window allows unobstructed monitor - what is happening across the width of the header. Fitting position the driver's seat is selected taking into account the work of man in a natural position. Multifunction lever can operation control of the header, as well as perform the removal and folding discharge auger.


This joystick is designed to meet the wishes of our customers. Our designers have made every effort to facilitate the work of the combiner. They have achieved amazing results, because the management of all combine functions   focused on one arm:        

  •         Direction and speed of the harvester 
  •         Raising and lowering the header 
  •         Raising and lowering the reel 
  •         The movement of the reel back and forth 
  •         The speed of rotation of the reel 
  •         Lateral tilt header 
  •         Rotate the discharge screw


Combines Terrion Sampo known for its unique header. Due to the harvesters Terrion Sampo have a large diameter reel, the distance between the oblique and intake auger large enough that it is necessary to work with a long stem cultures, and at the same time short enough that it is important, for example, the collection of barley. Wide range of options header operator controls from the cockpit. For quick connection to a combine header does not require any special devices. For safe and fast transport header Terrion Sampo trailer offers an original design. 

        High performance when cutting standing crop 

Setting the operating mode of the reel and the reapers are very important in obtaining high performance results. Speed ​​and no loss is achieved through proper selection of the width of the reaper, and the appropriate settings working conditions. Customize finger reel with headers 3000th series is performed mechanically. All other functions of the reel, such as speed, height and degree of removal, combine controls from the cab using the multi-function lever. Width headers 3000th series ranges from 4.5 to 6.3 meters.


       Straw walker and sieve pan 

Large harvesters Terrion have six four-stage walkers. Walkers form three working couples. Due to this, harvesters 3000th series improved separation than similar combines this class with five keys. 

To improve the efficiency of the straw walkers can be set over his keys rotating cylinder-turner CSP. Superior CSP models included in the standard equipment for the 3065th model can be installed as an option. When working in wet conditions haymaker CSP has shown excellent results. In the dry cleaning tedding straw walkers can be increased by setting its key special comb plate. 

The upper and lower two-sieve, each component has its own independent adjustment. Lower screen cleaning is standard equipped with a larger frequency step slat type RV3 and is suitable for use in demanding environments. Upper sieve cleaning standard, but to work in dry conditions it is possible to install a special type of sieve RV2 with extension. The models in the Superior kit reshёtnogo mill includes a set of sieves larger area - 4.5 square meters, which can be installed as an option on the 3065 model. 

        Sieve trays and walkers are easily removed for cleaning. 

Threshing cylinder  

Heavy cylinder threshing, thin rods deck, the large width of the threshing unit and unique payment options grind - all to get maximum threshing harvesters Terrion Sampo 3000th series. The bulk of vosmibichevogo drum focused on its outer circumference. Thus it turns out high inertia cylinder, whereby the threshing mechanism rotates stably and short-term overload he was not afraid. cylinder  retains stability even in wet conditions, thanks to the fact that the surface scourges from the inside straight - this contributes to the rejection of dirt. 

The system of additional threshing 

The apparatus further threshing efficiently finish threshing incoming mass and delivers it to the front of of sieves purification. Thus, threshed on an additional device does not overload the main mass of the threshing machine. 

For dry conditions to replace the standard system was designed augers finish threshing device. Due to this technical solution can avoid the influence of air flow on the dry and lightweight material.

 Grain tank

For high performance harvesters Terrion SR 3000 JSC "AgroTechMash" offers grain silos volume of 5.2 m³ - 8.1 m ³. Unloading auger has the best settings for emptying a grain elevator in the back of the tractor without a loss. The large diameter and the optimum feed rate of depletion of grain provides.

W-shaped bottom of the hopper has two screw. The screws do not have the side connections and can be easily removed if necessary clean the bottom.


Terrion harvesters  have hydrostatic drive. There is also the option of all-wheel drive cars. As standard the machine is equipped with large, low-profile wheels both front and rear. The presence of harvesters Terrion bridges ruggedized allows the drive wheels to a width of 1,050 mm. Short spacing makes harvesters Terrion Sampo most maneuverable in its class. Turning radius without braking SR3065 is only 7,7m.


Source of energy harvesting is Terrion diesel engine "SisuDizel." This engine is specially designed to work in difficult conditions. Reliability and Ultra efficient - basic qualities of this Finnish unit. In the line of the 3000th series, there are several different engine powers.

SR 3045L
SR 3065L
SR 3085 Superior
SR 3095 Powerful

width in the standard
5,1 m
5,1 m
5,7 m
5,7 m
widths optional
4,2/ 4,5/ 4,8 m
4,2/ 4,5/ 4,8/ 5,7 m
cutting height
-0,2...1,2 m
1020 turns/min
stalk lifts 

1,05 m
rotation speed
0...50 rmp
rotation dtive
Threshing cylinder

width / diameter


number of scourges


speed range


prerethreshing cylinder area


Prethreshing cylinder

width / diameter 1,33/0,5m
number of scourges
8 pcs
speed range
600... 1300 rmp
speed range optional
400... 1150 rmp
speed adjustment  electro
Cleaning concave 

area 0,62 m2
number of plates
12 pcs
wrap angle
adjustment range of the gap
6...42 mm
Straw walker

number of keys
6 pcs
separation area
5,80 m2

6,30 m2

сylinder-turner CSP

Sieve pan 

separation area
4,1 m2
4,1 m2
4,5 m2
4,5 m2
separation area optional
4,5 m2
4,5 m2

adjustable upper sieve
2,1 +0,4 m2
2,3 +0,4 m2
adjustable upper sieve type
standart or RV2
adjustable lower sieve RV3 1,6 m2
1,8 m2
Straw chopper 


Grain tank 

volume/update volume
5,2 m3 / 6,5 m 3
6,4/7,6/8,1 m3
7,6/8,1 m 3
unloading heigh
3,7 m/ 4,0 m
4,0 м

210 hp
210 hp
250 hp
300 hp
power optional

250-276 hp
276 hp
330 hp
2000 rmp
6 pcs
fuel tank
350 l
350/450 l
450 l

four-wheel drive


front standart
800/65 R 32
front optional
1050/50 R32
900/60 R32
1050/50 R32
rear standart
480/65 R24
rear optional
540/65 R24
540/65 R24

type standart/optional standart/lux
main seat
assistant seat
fan 3-speed
air conditioner

standard header / straw
11 500 kg
11 700 kg
12 600 kg
13 000 kg

total length with header9,4 m
9,85 m
10,27 m
transport height
3,95 m
width with header 
5,6 m
6,2 m
width without header 
3,5 m
clearance  0,43 m