• SR2010

SR2010 is specifically designed for experienced and breeding sites. It is for this purpose wondered plant engineers, developing each individual node combine SR2010. When harvesting crops with experienced and breeding sites is very important not to mix together the seeds of different varieties. For this SR2010 is equipped with especially efficient and reliable self-cleaning system. SR2010 can be equipped with special heders for different types of crops, such as sunflower or corn.

TERRION proved themselves easy, fast and cost-effective cleaning and the SR2010 is no exception. Harvester has a hydrostatic transmission and stepless speed regulation. With three variable speed ranges car moves uniformly both in the experimental plots, and on the track.



Power sources combine are reliable and economical 60 kW diesel engines. Special platform allows for regular maintenance easy and secure. 

Transmission harvesters - hydrostatic. SR2010 can be equipped with all-wheel drive.

Head reaper

Header was constructed to cut the bread equally clean and even under the most difficult conditions. In SR2010 uses a system of CHAC (Constant High Volume Air Stream Cleaning - cleaning a continuous flow of air), which provides excellent cleanliness and purity header samples taken. The ability to adjust components electrically and hydraulically from the cab increases the versatility and accuracy. 

Reaper is equipped with a constant flow fan, which provides a pure and homogeneous samples of culture. Possible cutting width: 1.50; 2.00 and 2.30 meters.


Wide special cabin is a cozy place to work for two operators. The cab has excellent sound insulation, and window glass cockpit made ​​of darkened glass. Air conditioning is available as an option. 


Harvester is equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel engine producing reliable 82 hp Brand Engine - Detroit Diesel, manufactured by VM Motori under license. 


The standard processor SR2010 is equipped with three straw walkers and a sieve. To improve the efficiency of the machine, you can install the system with double sieve, supplied as an optional extra. 


Straw-spreader is an optional accessory. In addition, the straw acts as a great counterweight balancing processor. 

Grain elevator 

The construction of a specially designed grain elevator - closed throughout. This prevents spillage of seeds and provides pure homogeneous samples. 

Threshing cylinder 

Fully enclosed reinforced threshing drum and high-angle coverage provides excellent quality for threshing 4000 combines this type of working on experimental and breeding sites. Electrically adjustable threshing drum is superior to its competitors, even in the most difficult harvesting conditions. 

Еilt camera 

Culture is served exactly the conveyor on the threshing drum. Two boot chain support and stabilize the scrapers. Giving the elevator system is thoroughly cleaned after harvesting SNAS each individual site.

Coleman Weighing System Coleman

The first system of weighing Coleman was developed in 1986 and consisted of basic weights and lifting device. Today, the system was improved to its current form, and its purpose - to provide an improved combine performance and accurate data required by today's consumers.

The system is pneumatic and calibrated with an accuracy of up to 50 grams. Grain is moved by the auger and an elevator for raising the trough weighing hopper located on the right side of the cab. Auger equipped with quick connector, and thus can be used to combine the simultaneous harvesting seed breeding sites.



width in the standard
1,50 м
width optional
2,00 м, 2,30 м
cutting height
horizontal reel adjustment 
grain elevator
цепной транспортер
reel speed adjustment  электрическая
Prethreshing cylinder 

500/780 мм
400-1150 об./мин
speed adjustment
number of scourges
7 шт.
Cleaning concave 

number of scourges
12 шт.
490 мм
angle 108°
Straw walker

number of keys
3 шт.
separation area
1,4 м²
Sieve pan 

upper sieve
area 0,70  м²
grain tank
1700 литра
grain move трубчатый зерновой транспортер

engine дизельный двигатель с турбонаддувом, 60кВт/82л.с.
fuel tank
140 литров
drive гидростатический
бесступенчато регулируемая, 0-20 км/ч
front tieres
12,4 R 24
rear tieres
11,5 - 15,3
Dimentions and Weight 

width with cabin
3400 кг
total length with header
6,4 м
total width
2,5 м
height with cabin 3,3 м
turning radius
3,5 м
Options air conditioner
metering device in bags; 
four-wheel drive;
lower sieve: replaceable sieve with round holes area of ​​0.47 m².