• Improved performance for all climatic zones 
  • Upper separation: 
  • Cylinder Separator 
  • Set of plates turner, variable angle walker 
  • Unloading auger Closed 
  • Long sieve 
  • A new type of interchangeable sieves 
  • Special system domolota dry harvesting conditions 
  • Different types of concaves

 Cylinder separator (CSP) 

 • Direction of rotation CPS coincides  with the direction of the straw heap  131 rev / min. 
 •  Separator effectively stirs the  straw. 
 • Increase the efficiency of the  walkers. 
 • Adjusting the angle of the fingers. 
• Particularly effective at high humidity. 
• SR 3085 Superior without CPS for dry harvesting conditions.




 Closed auger 

 • The rate of discharge of 90 - 100 l / s.
 • Unloading in different positions.
 • Hopper capacity 7600 liters.







 Additional threshing dry conditions 

 Under conditions of the dry cleaning when the straw  breaks easily, thanks to a new system with a mass of up to  threshing is not thrown on the sieve pan. Instead,  horizontal auger evenly forwards it to stryasnuyu board.  Due to this technical solution can avoid the influence of  air flow on the dry and lightweight material. Dry grain, chaff and straw fractions were distributed evenly in the zone of separation. 

Optional deck 

The figure - a new type of concave. This deck works effectively in threshing dry grain. In front of the rods are more frequent step. Modification improves and prevents thrashing fall  material through the deck. 

Lift cylinders header 

Completely redesigned header lift cylinders. Instead of 2 cuffs now their 3 uses a new type of cuffs - polyurethane. The rings are made of two composite material. For repairs, unscrew the back of the cylinder. 

Pulley tilt camera 

Redesigned pulley tilt camera. In place of a pulley made ​​of sheet steel came cast pulley. The new model also changed the design of the safety clutch. Instead of one of the friction plates there two and they now have a larger size. Estimated time of a new clutch on a 45% increase (150 Nm -> 220 Nm). 

  Blades segments with eye bolts

 • Standard on all models.
 • Excellent repair and suitability.
 • Replacement braid comes with a combine.

 Increasing the area of of sieves

 • Increased productivity of straw walkers requires an increase in productivity sieve mill.
• At 170 mm longer than the upper sieve.
• At 160 mm longer than the lower sieve.
• Increased area of ​​4.10 m2 reshetnyh> 4.50 m2.

Upper sieve RV2 

A new type - RV2. Lamellae have the original configuration, whereby the fraction of straw does not pass through the sieve. This allows you to open the blinds on the 20% increase. RV2 sieve is mainly for regions with a dry climate. 

Lower screen RV3 

Adjustable lower sieve replaced by RV3. Number of slats new sieve RV3 increased by 15% compared with the old type. In practice this means that the gap between the lamellae can be increased by 35%. By virtue of what bandwidth sieve increases by 40%. If you are using a new type of sieve reduces the risk of overloaded the auxiliary threshing. 

Rape extension 

• In all the headers (UGS). 
• Side knives (1 - 2 units). 
• Installation of the side cutter reaper without the prefix.

Specification SR3085 SUPERIOR
width in the standard 5,7 m
width optional 4,2/ 4,5/ 4,8/ 5,1/ 6,3 m
cutting height -0,2...1,3 m
blades 1020 turns/min
reverce electro
stalk lifts  standart
Reaper option

corn header 5/6 rows
sunflower header 6 rows
sunflower console
5,1/ 5,7/6,3 m
rape console 5,1/ 5,7/6,3 m

diameter  1,05 m
rotation speed 0...50 rmp
rotation dtive hydraulic
reel adjustment hydraulic
Threshing cylinder

width / diameter 1,33/0,5m
number of scourges 8 pcs
speed range 600... 1300 rmp
speed range select 400... 1150 rmp
electricalspeed adjustment  electro
rice kit optional
Prethreshing cylinder 

width 1,33 m
diameter 0,4 m
Cleaning concave

concave area 0,62 m2
number of plates 9 pcs
wrap angle 105°
adjustment range of the gap 6...42 mm
gap adjustment electric electrpo
Front concave

area 0,41 m2
Straw walker

number of keys 6 pcs
separation area 6,30 m2
сylinder-turner CSP standart
turners optional
Sieve pan 

increased, separation area 4,5 m2
adjustable upper sieve standart
adjustable upper sieve RV2 optional
adjustable lower sieve RV3 standart
electric fan control electro
Straw chopper 

chopper-spreader optional
Grain tank 
volume 7600 l
unloading heigh 4 m

power 191/260 kWt/hp
speed 2000 rmp
cylinders 6 pcs
fuel tank 450 l
gears 3
max speed 25 km/h
gears range:
I / II / III gear 0...6,6/ 0...10,7/0...25,0 km/h
four-wheel drive optional
front standart 650/65R38
front optional 800/65R38 or 900/60R38, 1050/60R38
rear standart 480/65R24
rear optional 540/65R24
turning radius 8,0 m

type luxe
main seat luxe
assistant seat
built in
heater heater
fan 3-speed
air conditioner standart
noise value
77 Db
tool kit standart

total length with header 10,27 m
total length without header
9,05 m
width without header  3,5 m
width with header 
width 0.5 m
transport height 3,95 m
standard header / straw 12600 kg