System of narrow wheels for row crops

  • System of narrow wheels for row crops
  • System of narrow wheels for row crops

One of the most important elements in the design of the tractor employees to convert engine power thrust, are the wheels. Depends on them, how much more productive and cost-effective and will work in many ways, what will be the harvest. It is especially important to use the correct wheel for growing row crops. Realizing how important wheels for tractors TERRION, our company is constantly working with various manufacturers of wheel systems to develop new versions of the wheels in accordance with the market needs. 

Among the many systems on the market, the system of narrow wheels with discs and ties Schaad Swiss company is one of the best. 

ZAO "Agrotechmash" offers narrow dual wheels to the following, produced at the plant in Tambov, for tractors: 3180 ATM, ATM 3180M, 4200 ATM and ATM 5280. Application Schaad discs produced in Switzerland and tires CGT (India) provides high quality narrow wheels at an attractive price. 

Our company can offer narrow wheels for tractors TERRION used in the fields for growing row crops following: 

- Sugar beet (row spacing 45, 50, 56 cm)


- Corn and sunflower (row spacing 45, 60, 70 and 75 cm)


- Potato (row spacing 70, 75, 90 cm)


In the tractor operation  only narrow internal wheels, the latter processing is left in the deep tracks and highly compacted soil in the root system. This leads to reduction in yield. Dual system of narrow wheels to work on inter-rows allow to distribute the weight of the tractor is not between 4 and between 6 or 8 wheels, respectively, increasing the contact patch with the ground wheels and reducing the pressure on the ground. As a result, significantly reduced impact on the root system of plants, you do not lose a crop and save fuel. In addition, the work of the tractor only 4 wheels with a small internal track reduces its stability and can lead to overturning during heavy maneuvering.

In addition to increasing the contact area of ​​the wheels with the ground, it is recommended to find a balance between the required capacity of the tractor and its mass. When using high-power tractors (ATM 5280) for the cultivation of row crops may need to reduce its weight. It is recommended to dismantle the front ballast weights and even bracket for ballast weights.


The main advantages of using dual wheels are offered to customers by our company in the cultivation of row crops, is: 

- Increased permeability and stability; 

- Increase productivity by reducing the slip; 

- The ability to quickly install or remove the outer wheels. Assembling all four wheels can be done within 15-20 minutes. Dismantling - for 5 minutes. 

- Guaranteed reliability of fastening of the outer wheel ties MD-plus in an amount of from 3 to 6 units. (depending on the size of the wheel and the power of the tractor). 

- Short rod clamp (tie) does not move clips within wide limits, even in the case of loosening, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the disc and spontaneous dismantling the outer wheel. 

Narrow dual wheels retain the looseness of the soil in the root area of the plant. Planting develop without obstacles, delighting good harvests. 

To order the narrow wheels for row crops you can contact the dealer, or sales manager assigned to your region.