System of dual wheels

  • System of dual wheels

One of the main functions of dual wheel systems is to increase the traction of the tractor when performing heavy work by increasing the area of ​​traction with the ground and, at the same time, reducing the pressure on the soil. 

The use of dual wheels reduces ground pressure, which is 1.5-2 times reduces the degree of compaction in the tractor tracks, increases permeability of aggregates at high humidity and increases their traction. This is particularly important in the early stages of spring field work at high levels of soil moisture. 

Scientists estimate tillage systems and concluded that the wheels of the tractor affect productivity. They recommend the use of dual-wheel tractor tillage. Based on the results of scientific experiments, suspension system of heavy equipment for processing a detrimental effect on the soil: its density increases, and the absorption capacity decreases. As a consequence the yield is reduced to 30%. 

The use of dual wheels of the tractor to reduce pressure on the ground, which reduces to a minimum the effects listed. Using the paired wheels of the tractor requires a change of gauge, increasing traction capability technology, increased permeability and stability, for example, wet soils. With such increased lift capacity of the tractor wheels that allows to achieve high performance in operation. 

Technique using dual wheels can be combined with additional equipment for surface treatment of the soil with fertilizer, sowing, fertilizing perennials, working fields and meadows, plowing, soil moisture treatment and others. Such wheels for tractors up to a maximum increase productivity and help reduce costs for the maintenance of equipment....


Twin wheels increase the tire contact patch with the ground. Under the right air pressure in the tires dual wheels, the total weight of the machine is distributed over a larger area of contact between the tire with the ground. The result is a lack of deep tracks from the wheels and the lack of soil compaction. 

 Twin tires find their application in the cultivation of the soil, and especially in the seedbed. Additional wheels allow further reduce the tire pressure, and thus the pressure on the ground. When using double wheel tractor is a versatile machine that can be used when plowing or transport works on public roads. 

It will be appreciated that when operating with dual tires tractor air pressure in the tires should be additional to 0.02 MPa less than the core and tire wheels. 

Tests have shown that the use of dual wheels reduces slippage of 20 ... 36%, the fuel consumption up to 15% and increases the productivity of the tractor unit up to 15%.


стяжки Schaad

Among the many systems on the market, the system of doubling the base wheels with discs and ties Schaad Swiss company is one of the best. 


The main advantages of dual wheels (Sparky) offered to consumers by our company is: 

- Increased permeability and stability (eg, wet soils); 

- Increased productivity (carrying capacity) by reducing the slip; 

- The ability to quickly install or remove the outer wheels. Assembling all four wheels can be done within 15-20 minutes. Dismantling - for 5 minutes; 

- Guaranteed reliability of fastening of the outer wheel ties MD-plus in an amount of from 3 to 6 units. (depending on the size of the wheel and the tractor power); 

- Short rod clamp (tie) does not move clips within wide limits, even in the case of loosening, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the drive and spontaneous dismantling outer wheel; 

- Guaranteed teamwork outer wheels on wheels Schaad and inner wheels regardless of the manufacturer and model of the tractor.



We can offer to supply the system of dual wheels to any model of tractor or combine tires as the CGT, and without tires. 

To provide you with a quotation, we need the following information: 

- Model of a tractor or combine; 

- The size of the base wheels; 

- On which axis you want to put the wheels (rear, front or all four wheels); 

- The number of ties required on the wheel (the number of holes for the tie on the internal drive). 

  For ordering systems for the doubling of wheels you can contact the dealer, or sales manager assigned to your region.