Dozer and snow removal equipment

Two single disc cutter grinder
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Tree trunks, branches, wood waste - can be processed into chips, which can then be used as mulch for racetracks, soil fertilizer and for industrial purposes.
Three sectional snowblower
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STARK - UA - snowblower - patented solution as a new generation snowblower, which is suitable for complex snow-covered areas, which control higher than other snow plows for snow removal. Speed ​​and load on the wing almost always keep the size of the trajectory on the territory of 190 degrees. Feature snowplow that in tight places steering snow thrower is very convenient.
Snowplow SB 2452, 2602 HD
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Optimal Snowblowers  - are powerful, strong construction machines that are able to work in all kinds of weather conditions, including the wet snow. Optimal has a wide rang with different types of fastening. The design is based on a two-stage snow blowers principle, the power supply operates as a knife, slitting and crush all the snow and ice; rotor then blows this mass through the blow pipe to the outside. Optimal equipment is equipped with universal mounting, allowing it to be aggregated both on the front and rear TERRION 3180 ATM.
Territorial  snowblower
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STARK - territorial snowblower works as a road network, and the collection and disposal of waste - these are the advantages of the plow wings. Especially effective use in high-speed plow clearing a large area. If there is a lot of intersections on the streets, you can purchase additional protection for snow (snow locks), which gives better and more effective in cleaning the streets.
Сranked snowblower NL
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STARK - cranked snowblower. Changing the size of hand cranked snowplow most important. Can clearing and "stacking" without eversion of the machine. In the other position of the parties cranked snowplow snow is easily removed from the cleared area.
Сranked snowblower
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Cranked snowblower works fine with abundant snow. For clearing you can use a variable size and geometry of the crankshaft side of the snow thrower. Edge of the snowplow gets used during a heavy snowfall to clear and "stacking" without eversion of the machine. In the other position of the parties cranked snowplow snow is easily removed from the cleared area. The angle of rotation of the plow + / - 38 degrees.
Dozer straight blade
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DOZER BLADES - PL. STARK - dozer blade. Dozer blade is designed to clean yards where you need a good visibility, as well as for public works. Dozer blade is rotated at an angle of 38 degrees +/- two cylinders. Working width from 2.5 to 3.6 meters.
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