"AgroFarm 2008" - business platform of the professionals livestock equipment

27 Апреля 2008

From 24 to 26 April in Moscow's All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC) hosted the 2nd International Specialized Exhibition for Animal Husbandry and Breeding "AgroFarm 2008" - a unique complex exposition of animals, equipment and technology. 

The event was a continuation of the cooperation of professional exhibition companies of "APK VVC" and DLGAgriServiceGMBH at 7500 m. m. exhibition space to present their products and services for livestock 170 Russian and foreign participants. Geography exhibitors covers 18 countries from east to west - from Russia to the United States, from north to south - from Denmark to Greece. The exhibition was attended by more than 7700 visitors, the vast majority of whom are professionals - managers of enterprises and households, those skilled in the livestock industry, representatives of the financial community, as well as farmers and owners of farms. Organizers of the exhibition prepared for the participants and visitors saturated business program that includes about 30 different business activities. Were also scientific-practical conference dedicated to the development of breeding cattle. The novelty of the exhibition is the active zone for fodder production. Here every visitor can get professional advice on the organization of animal feed rations optimization, modern methods of preparation and storage of feed. 

The keen interest of visitors caused a stand of "Kolnag", which were presented to the mixer wagon Trioliet 12VLS and silage cutter Trioliet TU. Increased attention and use machines that are not represented in the exhibition - of more than 20m3 and spreader (Trioliet Solomix P). As consultants were specialists. In the current unstable situation on agricultural markets and rising prices for food becomes most acute speedy solution to issues such as increased productivity in dairy farming at the expense of properly selected genetics and systems maintenance. "AgroFarm" proposed concrete measures to enhance the professional development of livestock and providing them with the latest information on techniques and technologies in animal husbandry. In particular, JSC "Kolnag" presented a new version of Diet Manager - for a comfortable and easy to track and store information about the preparation and distribution of rations using computer EZ3500 and key Datakey. Diet Manager allows you to create diets and feeding schedules for groups, tracks and stores every step of the feeding process, including data on the performance of each operator, displays of data downloads and distribution of feed in the form of more than 10 visual reports with the ability to select a range of data. This is very valuable information for optimizing feeding system based on cost / productivity. 

Exhibition "AgroFarm" is based on two pillars: a demonstration of the process equipment, means of production, breeding animals with parallel conduct business forums. Intensive communication on the stands and presentations, a lively discussion on the forums once again confirmed the high demand for livestock information on various aspects of breeding, feeding and housing of farm animals and poultry. "The exhibition is the next step in the development of international projects in the field of animal husbandry, a new step in the development of the exhibition area, as an area of ​​exchange of views of experts and professionals from different countries. Here, optimal conditions for the development of agri-business, the demonstration of innovative technologies and investment attractiveness of the Russian agro-industrial complex, "said the head of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Breeding, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation V. Shapochkin. The organizers and the organizers will continue to develop the exhibition "AgroFarm" as a specialized platform with rich business program for livestock specialists. Next exhibition "AgroFarm" will be held from 20 to 22 May 2009 (c) of JSC "Kolnag" 2008. (c) LLC "Agricultural Sector of AREC", 2008

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